• “I signed up to Sport Performance sessions with Matteo after suffering numerous running injuries, which had left me unable to train. Matteo has provided tailored and well structured sessions, and I’ve already noticed the difference! I had no weightlifting experience to begin with but Matteo is excellent at breaking down techniques when I’m struggling with a particular move. Really enjoy training with Matteo, and I’ve been able to run up to 8 miles injury free so far!” Kerry McTague

Strength and Conditioning Coaches are now an essential part of any athlete/player training staff. This is due to the beneficial impact sport specific physical training can have on performance and injury prevention. Matteo aims to make all his trainees fitter, quicker, stronger and more powerful.

Matteo has a wealth of experience working at the top of professional sport, with both youth and senior competitors. He constantly strives to research and implement the newest training and recovery strategies, in order to give his trainees the edge over their competition.

The Sport Performance Package is targeting individuals or clubs who want to push their performance to a higher level.

  • Whats included in the Sport Performance Training Package?

    • Pre and Post Fitness Testing
    • Growth and Maturation Assesment (for youth athletes)
    • Biomechanical Assessment
    • Periodised Plan Building up to Competition/Matches
    • Sport Specific Weightlifting sessions
    • Sport Specific Speed and Movement Training sessions
    • Recovery Strategies and Nutrition Advice
    • Workload Monitoring
    • Home Pre Hab Plan
  • Sports Worked in…

    • Football
    • Rugby
    • Boxing
    • Taekwondo
    • Long Distance Running
    • Cycling
    • Golf
    • Ballet
    • Tennis

Sport Performance Training Packages

Sessions per Week Total Sessions for the Month Cost for 1 on 1 Cost for Partner or Group
1 4 £190.00 £230.00
2 8 £360.00 £440.00
3 12 £510.00 £630.00
4 16 £640.00 £800.00


Gym Based Sessions:

Topnotch Health Club, Windsor Close, Brentford, TW8 9DZ

Outdoor Based:

West London, Ealing, Brentford, Acton, Chiswick, Richmond, Kew, Barnes, Putney

If you or your club are interested in the Sport Performance services then do not hesitate in getting in contact with Matteo to discuss it further.