• “Excellent Personal Trainer. Will squeeze the most out of you, new techniques, challenging, and entertaining at the same time. As a non gym lover, I must say I started liking going to the gym, see a purpose and improvement, thanks Matteo.” Egle Jones

Matteo will give you a whole new insight in how to exercise through his personal training sessions. He uses his vast experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals in record time. Whatever your goal is, he will tailor sessions to your individual needs, along with providing individualised nutrition and lifestyle advice to match your training. He aims to provide positive long term lifestyle and body changes, by making exercise and a healthy lifestyle part of your daily routine. Matteo offers monthly personal training bundles, which will not only teach you new exercises, but also how to progress them over the weeks to continue making each session challenging. The monthly bundles also include other great extras, which are listed below. Matteo’s personal training bundles have one on one, partner or group training options.


  • What’s included in Personal Training Monthly Bundles?

    • 60 minute personal training sessions
    • Monitoring of progress via testing
    • Diet plan
    • Lifestyle support
    • Training plans for solo sessions
  • Programme Options?


    • Weight Loss
      decrease your body fat percentage
    • Body Sculpting
      improve muscular definition
    • Strength Training
      increase muscular strength and gain lean muscle mass
    • Core Strength
      increase abdominal, back and postural muscle strength
    • Rehabilitation
      helping clients recover from injury or illness
    • Corrective
      pinpointing muscular imbalances in the body and fixing them

Personal Training Monthly Bundle Options

Sessions per Week Total Sessions for the Month Cost for 1 on 1 Cost for Partner or Group
1 4 £170.00 £190.00
2 8 £320.00 £360.00
3 12 £450.00 £510.00
4 16 £560.00 £640.00


Gym Based Sessions:

Topnotch Health Club, Windsor Close, Brentford, TW8 9DZ

Home/Outdoor Based:

West London, Ealing, Brentford, Acton, Chiswick, Richmond, Kew, Barnes, Putney

If you are interested in Matteo’s Personal Training services then do not hesitate in getting in contact with him to discuss it further.